my dad said he was going for a walk and my grandma said

"at this time of night? someone will think you’re a hooker"



but do aliens believe in me….


we always believed in you, and so should you….


My new gothic lolita headdress *__*


Photocorner pictures of our reneissance inspires outfits for HelloCon designers fashion show.


Blossom Princess one piece

comes in ; white/ivory/pink & black

Shoulder width:About 36cm
Bust:About 92cm
Waist:About 81cm
Sleeve length:About 72cm
Cuffs:About 37cm

price ; 46,224 yen

Lolita Print Name Asks! ━━☆
Dream Sky: What do you think about before you go to sleep?
March of the Forest Animals: Have you ever encountered a wild animal?
Iron Gate: What's something about you that most people don't know?
Fantastic Dolly: What is your makeup routine?
Present Box: What do you prefer as a gift rather than bought on your own accord?
Paris Princess: Where have you always wanted to visit?
Lovely Alphabet: How were/are your grades in school?
Wonder Cookie: What are your favorite desserts?
Vampire Requiem: Do you enjoy horror movies/novels?
Antique Perfume Bottle: What is your favorite scent?
Le Cadre du Lapin: What is/was your favorite pet?
Royal Library: How often do you read?
Popping Balloon: What is your favorite thing to celebrate?
Chess Chocolate: What is your favorite game?
Alchemy: What is your favorite homemade remedy/beauty treatment?
Chained Berry Memoir: What is your best memory?
Aqua Princess: Do you live near a body of water?
La Danse de la Dame: Can you dance?
Scent of Rapunzel: How often do you change your hair style?
Songbird Bouquet: What is your current music obsession?
Toy Fantasy: What was your favorite toy when you were little?
Lovely Sweet Room: Describe your room.
Rabbit Letter: Do you have a pen pal/ want one?
Masquerade Theater: Have you ever pretended to be something you're not?
Melody Doll: Can you play any instruments?
Blooming Garden: Have you ever grown anything?
Haven't seen one of these so I made my own ♬♩ ♫


Sweet Lolita is something sweet…..tumblr told me I deserve it :)


this show was fucked up.


DO NOT REMOVE CAPTION Princess splicing falbala chiffon dress
from fashion kawaii. use code "cutieii" for 10% off.



Avocado. He joyful.

Acrylic and ink on wood panel.

My tumblr.

That shit creepy


oh gee i cant wait for my chocolate covered fucking onion




Every morning the light comes in and my toilet looks beautiful

holy shit

Please tell me that was an intentional pun